How to get the variables available in a Drupal template

This is such a basic PHP function but easy to forget and hard to find for some reason. Anyway, here are a selection of the best ways to find what variables are available in a template file.

First off, the function you need is:


The quickest way to use it is to put the following in your template file:


Next, install the devel module. Once installed you will now have a 'Devel' tab available when viewing nodes (if you have the correct permission set up).

With the devel you also get a few handy functions:
Print a nicely formatted array to the message area of the page:


Dump the variables to a temporary log file: /tmp/drupal_debug.txt


To watch the file in your terminal:
tail -f /tmp/drupal_debug.txt

tailf /tmp/drupal_debug.txt

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