Kindle DX, iPad or other tablet?

I've got a Kindle 3 with a 6in display which I love. It's just great and very comfortable to read. But I've found quite a lot of PDFs that I want to read. They're all A4. The Kindle screen is good enough that you can generally read an A4 page scaled to 6 inches, but then you get the occasional smaller text and diagrams which make it not quite practical.

So naturally a Kindle DX was the answer, but they're stupidly overpriced so I refuse to buy one. Having a look around, there was the iRex 1000s although it seems like it's out of production but there is the occasional one on eBay. Then it's a dead end until you consider a tablet of which there are plenty with a 10in screen but really, I don't think a tablet is the answer because it doesn't have an eInk display and if I'm going to spend money on a tablet, then I should really spend it on the device I want in the first place... but it's overpriced!

Part of me says just buy the DX, another part says, spend the money on something that will do more stuff but I think that's just an excuse for a new toy.

What to do?

If you open up a PDF on your computer, you can rotate it under 'View'. Set it to fullscreen/presentation mode, and then read it on your notebook/laptop, sideways! It's a great solution as long as your laptop isn't too big and maybe it will keep me going until the DX comes down to a reasonable price.

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