Resizing and moving maximized windows in Kubuntu Oneiric

I use the Meta (Alt by default) button together with the mouse to move and resize windows. You can hold Alt, click on the window and move it, if it's not maximised, you can also resize with middle click. I believe Ubuntu has this as well but you can't resize.

If a window is maximised then you can't move it but there used to be a setting 'Allow resizing of maximised windows'. In Oneiric this appears to have disappeared however the setting is actually still there. It's just called:

Window Behaviour > Moving > Display borders on maximized windows

This is exactly the same setting as the old 'Allow resizing of maximised windows'. I have no idea why they renamed it, I think it's crazy, people would care a lot more if they can resize a maximised window than if they can see a border on a maximised window.

Absolutely. I missed so much

Absolutely. I missed so much that... Thanks for publishing this for people like me to find out :)

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